wylla ruth

When I go
I don't envision it will be so pretty
The rubric of well wishes
Ever present as they should be
Represented by a choir or congress 
Of people with blank expressions 
& fishing lures dragging at their hearts
He didn't do it right
But he did it

No matter how it ends
They'll sing songs
Drunk with discord 
Out of key
They'll print documents 
From the Amazon's last laugh
Don't you know
This is how it's done
Someone has to lose
So by golly 
You can win

I know it's not fair
Whoever gave you 
That impression
That dent in your forehead
& your bleeding heart
That anything
I mean anything
Was built to last
Motown doesn't make cars
& we shouldn't make promises
Pump happy tears
To the music of 
To the cries of millions 
Of boys 
& their lawnmowers
That mulch
& all those little girls
Who want all the green grass
& they will have it
As long as you don't kick in their teeth
Put em under a pillow
& leave a lifestyle 
Projecting imagery 
In the middle of the night
Love & Money
or is it 
Money & then love
Don't sow heartache to their blue jeans
& blouses
Don't come running 
With the bad news
Your parents left you 
When they split
If you ain't got nothing nice to say
Than shut the fuck up 

We don't let go up here in the woods
We don't so easily
Swing an axe
Though the fire is needed
To cremate those who came before
Those who had 
Ignorance & gumption
A courage to live
We all just want to hang around 
A tar lunged city
A hyperactive coffee shop
Bagels & Americanos
Talking about 
Til dying comes up 
From behind
& scares the living shit out of you
& you say
I hate it when you do that
& then I say
Take me 
I don't wanna live anymore
Not with the knowledge of dying

Max BarsnessComment