oh where the wayward go

Oh where the wayward go
If you've had a drink
If ya had a few
Or if you had to think of what ya knew
It's on the brink 
Tounges of youth
Tons of truth
Oh where the wayward go
If I had to guess
What would it be
If I had it dressed 
in nothing to see
It's on the desk
Naked physically
Caressed tears form
Each one a nominee
Oh where the wayward go
If I found my ships lost
Where do I invest my lumber
The goods have been tossed
Livings the new plunder
I belong to this boss
Calling out my new number
Tithe to the cross
Sheep counting in dreams of slumber
Oh where the wayward go
If I heard your song
If it made me cry
Would the captain be strong
Would you know why
The best & worst wrongs
May deserve to die
But the rest of this route's long
We deserve better inside
Oh where the wayward go 
If every page turned
Another plot thickens
False casting endures
Another old man fishin'
Into the depth of the pure
A well of wealth made for wishin
New babies insure
An old one is sickened
Oh where the wayward go
Where one dreams it will
But desires to never know
Happenstance will 
Have it's dance 
You will have your horse
You will have your show
You will have a friend
You will have an end
Please understand 
The wayward just want to know home

Max BarsnessComment