I have tried to embraced death once
It had left me numb
Turned out 
Oliver twisted & entranced
No tingle
No storybook hope
For a reunion with love
Tuppenance or parlance
Of a mum tongue
Left alone
For my actions 
Of course
& the actions of those before me
Re-course undoubtedly 
Them that dost the shaping
The future representatives
Left Inconsequentially
I imagine what kindling kinship must think
Of my timely deliverance 
& movement
How sorry they felt
Discarding my relevance
Like an apple fallen
Far from the tree & left in sight of bruising
Not enough baggage
I am afraid
For the life
Absent to the words 
Without her 
Pre-setting & upsetting my dial tone
& how I came to find me
Losing bout to bout 
When facing failure & the unknown
Buried in that water 
Like the stomach & lungs of the forgotten
Gasping for air in the murk
Choking on chipped teeth & promises
Inaudible moan
Have yet to touch death
Only been manipulated
By It's fiery folds 
In that water
Beneath the moss
Lies that certainty
I will never know
For who does this child belong too
& I am still just a nervous kid
In lackadaisical search of atonement
Afraid of his own place in the universe
The state 
The town
This conversation 
& that moment
That which brought you 
To your
How can I say resting place
You do not nap
You take loans out on heart strings
You were taken from the factory line
Post haste
Unfit for full scaled production
& packaged antiquity
Into that burden laced case
Left beneath a woman
Or above the boy 
You never could face
No it doesnt help to think 
Every map I disregarded
Every opportunity to love 
I avoided 
Cause of me & myself & the departed
But maybe I know 
Something you don't
I am alive
& still full of the shocks 
& pangs
Shocks of what I will
The pangs of what I won't 


Max BarsnessComment