this too shall pass

Wine drunk
Truth spilt
Outrun pain 
Outlast femininity 
Where are my pills 
Gargle it down
Confusion & sour mash
Momma calls
Suffering complaints and all
This too shall pass

Obsessively collecting
Storybook fables
Breaking apart 
From knuckle 
To heart
Down the hatch & disabled
Bound by the past
Therefore bound to fall
Blood on your hands & holes in the wall
This too shall pass

Lets play a game
You'll draw me
I'll draw you
It's ugly
I know
At least it's the truth 
Put to the test
Play it close to the chest
Hoisted a banner to float
Above sails
& mast
The needle & ink calls
Brother's addiction enthralls
This too shall pass

Never learned nothing
Didn't come from a woman's lips. 
A kiss 
A heartfelt goodbye
A home to liberate consternated bliss
You're gonna be ok 
You're gonna be ok
Incessant words that never seem to last
When she calls
Melodramatic drawls
This too shall pass

Every curve 
Another place hide
Every word 
A lion share 
Enabled to pride
Fingers wrapped 
Maybe too deep
On her back 
Or her side
Men are possessive
What we have
Is what we have not
Perpetually chasing the tide
Sun grows tall
& a shadow before her is cast
Now that you think you know it all
Please remember
This too shall pass

Max BarsnessComment