catching up with the fall

Laid out in stopgap grass
Moleskin & math-rock underline 
Where we are going
AKA where we ran from
Where we have been
AKA where we are afraid to be
Tumultuous tombstone 
Or penitent plaque
Engraved skin with blue-blooded kin
Stones too easy to get ahold of
Too cold to swagger around
Undertaker planning your next dance of enchantment
Under the bleachers when your mother calls
Tripping up on stock-car speeches & preplanned words
Catching up with the fall

Backstage with iridescent love, 
Night running behind envious night
Catch a blurry, side 
To side glimpse
As we refocus on a black drape, disheveled prince
Low-slung on the wall
Hitting the ground
Catching up with the fall

Perched on a stomach
Appendages careening 
Not unlike the story teller
Bubbles become champagne
Champagne becomes last nights christening 
Abdominals screech to halt
Everything at once
Each New Years 
Before you drop the ball
Look over your shoulder 
To see if we are on the same page
Riding the same wave
Caching up with the fall

Front row barometrics 
Sweating & orchestrated in archipelagoes
Overhead & down below
Wiping brows 
& tears of laughter
Downplayed the rumpus for the fellow burdened
& beleaguered with the sand abrading all 25 jewels
Can't win em' all
Lights down & there you all are
Catching up with the fall

Unmotivated milestones 
Mark the spot with ecstasy
Moving love down the block 
To another domicile
One with a fridge & hopefully a better view
Moving exclamation points out 
& moving question marks in
Pouring lasciviousness down the shower drain
With all the dirt & crud 
Bestowed upon us
Maladroit sex the night before
& the run of the day
Stiff joint hindering back
Hard to stand so tall
Coupons for yoga & organic rice cakes
Cost a lot for a Pellegrino stomach
Cost more for a co-dependent friendship
Are there vacations to get away from it all
Time equals funny
In time the veins will pump 
& forget the whereabouts of heartache
Catching up with the fall

Max BarsnessComment