piece of shit

You cannot escape the kitchen 
breaking a plate  
messing about with the cabinets
or spilling left overs on the granite counter 
The hope is 
for a broom 
& a dust pan
Coated in the soot & crumbs
of the last time you attempted 
to make things better
When you danced around 
the dirty
Listening to Sam Cooke
salvaging the life 
you wish 
to proudly call yours
But you notice the pieces on the floor 
The dirty pieces you have strangely organized 
as if that organization of filth 
would somehow make things better 
Make them more controlled 
Every piece 
a part of your construct
A part of your menagerie 
Some pieces you wish you could take back 
But they are broken 
& some pieces are worth recycling 
Unto a better home
A new existence
Some pieces 
You just can't be bothered with


Max BarsnessComment