just drive

Bled through my blue jeans
Brakes up 
Get in 
Or get out
At least get on with it
Sirens blaring
Reminding me
I'm nervous
Unusually so
Turn the brothers up
Not drowning it out
Drowning in revelry
We are all searching for purpose
& I need to focus on not 
Saying what I will

Shifting in my seat
Shifting through gears 
& bank receipts
Shapeless to her
I divert
I bring up conversation
From another world
Another time
When people shared in a common tongue
Now we share these spirits
Common lungs

The trail slopes upwards
Fathers mountain
& sleet
Uphill both ways
As far as the eye can see 
Are never far behind me
I'll take the second one to the right
Take her straight on
Til morning
Dark skin
Long hair
Count every curve in the track
A little girl in need
Unsure of the umbrella 
Held in the storm
Unsure of the pilot
Driving her car

Just head west
That's all I want for today
An explanation
Will come to me
In exhalation
She will come for me
To fantasy town
Now that I've done my job
You've forgotten what to say
Reaching for words 
Ice cubes
Bottle rockets
Have I really forgotten I promised to stay

Another day 
A brothers squalor
Terror in the night
Awoken to not 
Muscles pull
From their original location
Leaving a feeling 
Something that belongs
Is no longer there
Temporary discomfort
Time heels all wounds 
Or distracts us 
From permanent displacement 

I think of too many things
Moving down the block
Where a home will be built
With a big driveway
Filled with sidewalk art
& a firm 
But understanding mattress
Can we sleep in tents
In place of hatchbacks
Who will live there
Will it be big enough for everyone
Will it weather a storm that is for certain to come
& if I get too scared
Can I just drive away

Max BarsnessComment