in another life

For ever wife whose lost her man
For every husband left
Who doesn't understand
For every child who can't learn to stand
Keep breathing in the moment
For those who can't 

For every mother whose lost a child
For every father forced by nature to live in denial
For every sibling that's faced with what seemed like never existed
Keep hope burning
Even if its just for a minute

For every kid confused of their rights
Of their mortality & heritage
Of who & how to love 
The universality of marriage
Don't keep your passion to yourself
Express your desire
If you bring the kindling 
We will light the fire

We hurt more than we've been hurt 
& that doesn't go away
We will all see the same end
But that my friends
Is future tripping
So save it for another day

What I am trying to say 
As I collect the stars which have become my thoughts
Unlearn your behaviors
Don't teach what you were taught

Max BarsnessComment