fathering heaven

When the day came in to rest
The night was left starkly, in plain sight
It of course had plenty of arbitrary excuses
Colluded, diffused, & useless 
It seem to deserve the solar systems abuses
Yet being the sun
Providing enough for everyone
That in itself is limited to it's own chemical fusion
It has the moon & fellow stars & planets
The crucible nuisance
Taking time
Like an elliptical dance, for granted as wasted movement
For what can we do when the day has given us magnanimously, its all 
When it sets us apart for the new life to begin
It will move forth to someone else's home
Bringing ours to an end

Somedays like today we rise like choirs & make our song & stance
Due in whole to this world that was provided incomparably
Not for the given or the taken
Taking each other in 
Like black holes absorbing everything
We do our best
Even when defeated by the darkness within
We explode with selfless endowment
Be still my friend
For the nature of the sun is not up for question
Albeit the nature of the universe
That is a whale of a tale whose mysteries are deep like the ocean
We humans are not much different
Loving the sinner
Hating the sin

I do not require a poetic telescope to look into the past like a crystal ball
In hopes for life amongst burnt-out stars
I only need your help
This gratitude you have done
Each individual fire in your eyes
An aptitude to serve like the sun
There are still many obscurities in this world like that of a quasar
But being here & in my home reminds me of what world I come from
It provides me with a just answer to who we are

Max BarsnessComment