days are a rye

Feeling something move
Long range bourbons elapsed
Days are a rye 
Another drink or two
Til I put my impatience 
& nicotine 
To lie & be lied to
Considering you

This one
This truth
This damsel lit only by candle
Speak soft 
& let the flame melt the wax
Let it coat every inch 
Of an ill-decorated mantle
Be something she can handle
For when the fire goes out
So does the smoke
That comes in exhaled
Copious samples

Here is to fear
& the women who we embrace
Morning to night 
Mourning the night
Year after year
Never to be sadder than when a good thing 
& truly
Love disappears

Here is to the affected man
Best advice 
Lead the worst of lives
Fix questions 
Cast loaded dice
At a cast iron price
Let him explain 
Troubled thoughts 
Which still never work
In an unemployed brain
In the morning
Pour his coffee 
& your anticipation
For recipricated nourishment
Down the drain

How will you know
When to go down that road
Its covered in cedar
So the weeds won't grow
It's absent of the garbage 
That you've kept in tow

So here is the best I can tell you
From what I've felt in my bones
Down to the marrow

She is the light
Before & after
She is the wave that crosses dreams
To & fro
The impetuousness 
of an undertow 
The long road home
Worth the trail
From the Westward beaches
To the numbered avenues of snow
An answer to all the things 
I think I know

Max BarsnessComment