the apple grafting technique

Head down 
Hands in hot pursuit 
Enclosing my extremities
Our chests 
Tweedledum & Tweedledee
As they heave
You will win winter
Before you get too comfy
Let me make sure you can see
I'll pitch you a perfectionist's periphery

Here we plant the family tree
The roots run deep
Like a ficus 
Drifting in confusion under the foundation
In all it's beauty 
Slowly crushing with time 
Destroying your fabled concrete

Fairytales you say you can't believe
Unfamiliar fantastic fantasies
Fatherless mother-goose has sold you up the river
Paddled far out to sea
Rowing away
Merrily, merrily, merrily
This a pattern 
Not a theme

It's not the soil 
It's the difficulty of upbringing certain species
Foreigner to their own cause & body
Benedict Arnold to himself
Betrayed by the mind
Discharged dishonorably
Owner surrendered
Like an unwanted puppy
& that's just how to think
My mentality
Beat & beaten
Cultivated contradictorily 
There is only one cure 
If you are the disease

That root of this thine tree  
Salt of the sea
Provided pornographic pictures
Mixed emotions 
Mixed media
Peppered lightly with family & catastrophe

As you begin to fathom the planting of a seed 
You can't even imagine the things I see
You will try 
In awe of Innocent apprehension 
To find clout for your own destiny
In here
Wrapped around my effervescence soul
Locked away in this winter coat closet 
Full of drab secrets & old technology
You can't have everything
Put away the skeleton key

Close me out Mrs. Robinson
I don't fuck for free
I take little pieces of your absentia
I admire everything you don't need
Pressing them into the pages of my heart 
Whether it be a dollar or a leaf

Twenty-six years later & war is still on 
New threats & old debts 
Here in The United States of Me
Stuck in a fracas with obscurity
Not personal fame
Like a shooting range 
Up on lame-duck plains
But for a day 
When the rains
Can dilute the sins of central intelligence 
Collecting hair & rust amicably
Like the dirt on my windshield that splays my visuality 
It's only wiper fluid & new blades I need 
To improve depth & clarity
It's all so simple to fix unfortunately
Thank the maker for this warrantee 

In a third world city
In a Golden state
In an unapologetic country
Plundered by pillaging parables
In constant need of sleeping beauty's amnesty
Denied the opportunity
As I move in to lips colored falsely 
With the pinkish hue of rosie cheeks
To kiss her slowly
This innate ability 
Matched only heterogeneously 
By the speed at which she leaves
Knowing she won't miss much
If she stays asleep

Gone fishing
Gone missing
Check the fields 
Or the conscious stream
Head bobbing low 
Consumed by the wind 
Uprooted by the beat 
Lost my oars in a river of whiskey
That man 
You didn't want me to be
Gone & quickly forgotten 
Blue eyes that masked disguise
Rolling thunder still under review
Needing a challenge
Not talentless talent
There will be no need of sympathy

You will never meet anyone like me
Denying reality 
Arguing nightly 
With an existential empathy
That has swallowed ever song & ever emotion from the bodies of society
Bulging out like a dam that will surely breach
I am everyone & everything 
I polish steel & buff edges for exemplary royalty
So that next year 
This man you need
Your vertical expectations he will meet
& through winning your heart 
Like the mightiest trophy
His heart will suffer
The greatest defeat

Every breath
Take a beat
Expand your chest
Feel the heat
Now let it all out
Tongue behind your teeth
Till it's all in the ether
Can you feel defeat
It's ok
Take a seat 
Take a moment for heart & mind to disagree
Run your mouth out
Like the orator of sanctimonious speech therapy
Hold the Hollywood & Vine
Climb down from your tree
Get defensive
Dagger removed from sheath 
Click those heels Dorothy
Get up on your dancing feet
But when I move to the floor 
Syncopated gracefully
Gliding by you without acknowledging
In all honestly
That's not an invite for us to become company
It's a black tie affair when I suggest
Stay the fuck away from me

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