quarrels with god

I know choice, like the girded saddle of a mare in heat

Necessity, as the wisdom of generalized minorities making your American ends meet

Freedom, was the paranoia of my ex loving my best friend and fucking me

Love, is my mother

Cut, paranoid, helpless, determined, political, a passion for belief

squint in her eyes

Still able to see

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Max BarsnessComment

The last thing we believe

before we go

is the finite amounts of hate, we felt

as the moon rose

& we were blanketed by hubris

& home

#heretosaveLA #sigmaphoto #dp2

Max BarsnessComment

I don't believe in love

I believe in two people

who give a shit about others

And making a choice to do that together

#heretosaveLA #sigmaphoto

Max BarsnessComment